In part 1, I looked at how technology has always brought possibilities of progress and how it can still bring more. I also extended my analysis to how technology can help reverse many current societal and environmental hardships, especially through abundance-creation and regenerative ecological design. I also pointed to a…

In a world of material abundance, what drives people is self-realization and the recognition given to us by others.

Founder self-expression pervades the venture world

Steve Blank recently posted an academic paper from NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. The research found that someone becoming an entrepreneur is largely attributed to a signaling imbalance to…

Jad El Jamous

Techpreneur. Cultural innovator. Working on 3 ventures for well-being. LBS MBA2018. Ex Growth lead @Anghami & @Englease. Digital business MiM @IEBusinessSchool.

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